Try For Free.

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Choose any dress with our “Try for Free” seal. Check out, no charge. Try on in your own home. Only pay if you decide to keep!

Don’t love it? Make an online return within 5 days after receiving the dress. No charge.

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Tell me more about the "Try For Free" program. What is it?
We know that fit is everything for our customers. It can also be difficult to take a chance on a new brand or style. The "Try for Free" program aims to remove this risk entirely: free shipping, free returns and no charge unless you love the dress and decide to keep it. Select your favorite and try it on at home, with five days to decide if you love it. If you do, we'll charge your card. If you don't, return it for no charge.
When does the try-on period start?
Your try-on period starts the day your order is delivered. We’ll send you an email reminder 48 hours before the five days ends. If you have any issue, just give us a call!
How many items can I try at once? Can I order multiple sizes?
You can try as many items as you like. However, we can only process one item at a time. If you want another item, simply return to the site and check out again.
The program says “free to try,” so why do you need my credit card?
It is absolutely free to try and there is no charge on your card at check out. We only ask you to provide a valid credit or debit card in case you decide to keep the item after the five day try on period is complete.
You don't have my size. Can I back order?
The Try for Free dresses are some of our best sellers so they sell quickly. However, they are usually back in stock quickly. Give us a call or check back on the site in a few days -- we'll get you in a perfect dress.
I have other items in my cart, but I can only check out with my selected Try For Free item.
We use a separate check out process for Try for Free to make sure you don't get charged right away. It's the best way to make sure “try for free” stays free. Your other items will remain ready for check out in our standard cart.
Can I use a coupon or code if I decide to keep the item?
Of course! We will honor all coupons and codes if you decide to keep the item. Please make sure to include this during the Try for Free check out. If you have any issues, just give us a call. We'll take care of you!
What if I try at one price and then it goes on sale within my trial period?
We will always honor price changes within reason. We always want you to be happy!