Our Story

Who We Are
Based in New York City, CoEdition
is the online destination for
savvy, stylish women, sizes 14 & up.
We bring your favorite brands &
designers together all in one place,
with a trusted style advice from our
editors & community.
Why We’re Here
Our mission is to offer a new world
of style to more women than ever,
with the ultimate destination for all you
need: ready-to-wear, shoes,
accessories, swim & intimates. At the
same time, we’re building an
inclusive community for fashion &
product discovery.
What We Know
For Sure
What We Know For Sure
We passionately believe that confidence
is found in what fits. It’s that
powerful feeling that comes from
wearing an incredible look,
made for your shape, attuned to your
style. Here, body positivity isn’t
just a hashtag. Join our
CoCommunity & experience
the movement.
a place where women
can get tips on
trends, fit, style,
and shop it all.”

- InStyle