Subverting the status quo is what L I V D is all about. Founded in 2017, this inclusive brand decided to create a place where all bodies, especially plus size bodies are celebrated, free from restrictions. Bursting with style & sass, L I V D embraces playful prints, breezy silhouettes & always sources inspiration from the customer they’re creating for: You!

LIVD is a stylish plus size clothing brand. LIVD takes plus size clothing to a whole new level with cuts, styles, and designs like you have never seen before. LIVD plus size clothing is trendy, flattering looks with an extra spin on them to truly make them one-of-a-kind pieces. Sexy two-piece outfits, unbeatable dresses, prints, and combinations of comfort and style that you'll want to wear on your next date night or girls night out. Shop the entire LIVD plus size clothing collection today to find all of your new favorite looks that are sure to impress!